Young Minds for Gender Equality Foundation presented at the United Nations 2016 Winter Youth Assembly with President Gerardo Porteny on the panel for the How-To Series: Ideas to Actions. Other notable panelists included Derrius Quarles, Campaigns Associate for Do Something, and Jess Teutonico, Executive Director of We Are Family Foundation. This workshop was intended to provide practical advice on how to translate youthful ideas into full fledged campaigns. 

Key points raised throughout the session included ways to kickstart a foundation, scale-up operations, fund sources, and the network. The delegation was excited to leverage the incredible momentum created by the Youth Assembly and spoke repeatedly about the need to create actionable change. Important points were made about working contextually and with the right intentionality; Gerardo cited the example of his previous experience with HeForShe where he was speaking as a young man and could only do so on the part of this constituency.  

Additionally, rallying cries were made throughout for the youth to realize their full potential and the lack of limitations applicable to previous generations. In between queries by the delegates on how to make their opinions and ideas matter in a political climate often dominated by seniority, the panelists empowered the youthful delegation to collaborate on each others projects and thus amplify their impact. 

As the workshop neared the end, the focus shifted towards issues of sustainability and the importance of an “end goal.” Derrius made an impassioned call for delegates to reexamine their motives for scaling up and concentrate instead on fully solving the problem they began with in order to be able to “go home” eventually.